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The hardest part of transitioning into parenthood can often be, dealing with breastfeeding, newborn issues and the other problems that come with it. Some of these are the lack of sleep, lack of support and trying to navigate all the confusing pieces of advice that constantly bombards new moms.

New moms also need reassurance that they are doing a good job and that they can get help when they are not. This is difficult to do, during short office visits with your family doctor, the community nurse or myself.
I have teamed up with the South Community Birth Program, who are a collective of fabulous and dedicated midwives who work together with family doctors, lactation consultants and nurses.

They provide my patients with the best support and care during the difficult first 6 weeks after having your first baby.

My call group partners will look after you while you are in hospital and the SCBP midwife will see you on the day of discharge and set up appointments to see both you and your baby for the first 6 weeks after delivery. During this time, you do not see your family doctor or myself.

If the SCBP feels that there is a medical issue that needs my attention they will contact me to let me know.
They do not make house calls.
You have to take your baby with you to see them.
If you leave the hospital without the SCBP contacting you, please call them and tell them you are a patient of mine and please could they set up a mom and baby postpartum visit.

You are going to find this resource very helpful.


The South Community Birth Program

1193 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C9
(604) 324-2201