This is your road map to the pregnancy journey you are on.

Pregnancy and
Labor Companion

I have compiled this concise  Pregnancy and Labor Companion. It will answers most of your questions about labor, delivery and postpartum. Please download and print it for your records as well as increasing your knowledge base. 


Here are my Covid-Friendly Pre-Natal Class Videos. A movie star I am not. (LOL). Not quitting my day job just yet. 

My suggestion is to use the Pregnancy and Labour Companion to make notes while watching the videos.

CHECKLIST – Items to bring to the hospital

This is a list of some things that you may find useful in the hospital or at home.

It is merely a guide and you do not need to buy or bring anything you may not find helpful.

The items listed are purely my suggestions.

The South Community Birth Program (SCBP)

I have teamed up with the South Community Birth Program.

This is a collective of fabulous and dedicated midwives who work together with family doctors, lactation consultants and nurses. They are a great resource for you and your baby.

Caesarean Section

I have compiled some information about your upcoming C-Section. 

This should answer all your questions about the surgery and post-operative care.

of Labor

Induction of labour is starting a labour artificially. It may be recommended by your doctor or midwife if the benefits to you or your baby’s health are greater than the likely risks associated with the induction process.

My Call

I am part of a great group of obstetricians called the OB/Group. We are affiliated with BC Women’s Hospital.

We have completed an additional 5 years of specialized training in obstetrics and gynecology after completing medical school.

BC Womens Hospital Website

BC Women’s is dedicated to improving the health of women, newborns and families through a comprehensive range of services, research and education.